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- About The Brand -

Who Are We?


Perry's Lemon Myrtle is a small family run business with our products grown on the family property in Taylor's Arm NSW, Australia.

We strive to grow and harness all the natural benefits and amazing features from our amazing  Lemon Myrtle trees with our focus being able to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

We have had a challenging end to 2019 & beginning to 2020 with our property coming directly under threat from the 2019 Bush fires and now all our trade shows cancelled due to Covid -19 but we are driving forwards to new markets and for this reason you are all able to now find us here and on Facebook and Instagram

Why Lemon Myrtle?


Lemon Myrtle is an Australian native tree with a naturally bright lemon taste along with being the best natural source of high quality Citral in the world (95% citral in Lemon Myrtle)  also having benefits of anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal & Antiseptic properties making it not only a fantastic beauty product but also a great base for a wide range of Hair & Body products , Fragrances &  a range of cooking and culinary products .

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